Multiversal Minions

Lions and Arrowhawks and Sharks, oh my!

Passing through the portal, the adventurers find themselves emerging from a pond on the edge of a mountain.  A sweeping landscape is before them.  Doing some scouting, the party decides that taking a trip though the plains, then the forest, then to the river, will provide them the fastest route.  Once at the river, the giant dire frogs the party would help their pace considerably.  They head down the mountainside and as they do, a rainstorm sweeps in.  

Part way down the mountainside, Socrates' frog ends up snapping a rope rigged over the path.  It was meant to trigger a swinging log trap, but was not designed to work against a being of the frog's stature.  

As the party reached the plains, they discovered a series of 5 eggs floating in the air.  They were swept upon by a pair of arrowhawks.  Renza persuaded one of them to flee and protect the eggs while Kirayna and Socrates shot down the other, then the party withdrew.

Continuing on their journey, the party reached the river and swam along.  They transitioned from first layer, Krigala, to the second layer, Brux.  Day turned to dusk with the transition.  The party made a camp for the night.  During the evening, Renza overheard some singing in the night.  Popular opinion in the morning was that it was a Seelie Court walking around and singing, they tend to do that a lot.

The next day's travel was interrupted by a sudden downheval of sod.  After a moment of panicked frog riding, the frogs managed to avoid falling into the suddenly appearing pit.  Kirayna was able to detect a few lions lurking to see if someone had fallen in, but slinked off.  Renza wandered down into the pit by popular demand to retrieve treasures off of the bodies of the pit's previous victims.


2 pp, 127 gp, 413 sp, 456 cp, +1 Buckler (1155 gp), Polished Darkwood Chalice (50 gp), Masterwork Elven Curve Blade (380 gp), Daredevil Boots (1400 gp), Claws of the Ice Bear (1300 gp)


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