Multiversal Minions

Inheritance of the Fallen House

But... but they are choosing slavery!

According to plan, the party bursts out of the rooms of the drow household and launches an assault upon three powerful drow spellcasters.  With the assistance of a snowball from below, the adventurers lay waste to the three drow and capture the household.  Bob is rendered blind during the battle and several drow land with a juicy splat.  

Once the household is destroyed, the party consulted with the three witch employers about the fate of anything regarding the house.  All symbols of this fallen house were expunged.  The house was looted of all valuables.  In addition, a collection of household servants that weren't needing to be killed were located.  Socrates informed the group of the fate of their owners, and they wailed their lives were over.  He told them that they could make something of themselves, but if they were truly despaired, they may use the knife he presented to end themselves.  One of them did so.  Following that, Socrates reminded the rest of them that other drow cities existed and they could find employment with other drow.  This brainwave caused three of them to decide to find a way to the other drow.  One of them became the personal valet of Kirayna.  One of them pledged to become the slave of Socrates.  

Upon returning to Sigil, the party found themselves in the midst of bedlam.  The headquarters of the Bleak Cabal was featuring a jailbreak of a former Factol.  He was randomly inflicting confusion upon people through the crowd and general pandemonium.  The party moved to see what was going on, and then Kirayna intercepted the escaping Factol, allowing the Cabal to recapture them.  

Since that, the party resettled back into life in the Cage.  (To Be Named Valet) has moved into Kirayna's room and lives in a curtained off area there.  (To Be Named Flat Chested Slave Woman) has been assigned a former storage room in the burned church and is receiving training with Bob regarding community and stick fighting.


-lots of spidersilk fabrics: wardrobe, sheets, drapery, etc.
-silver hand mirror with faerie motif (75 gold), crystal skull (80 gold), silver comb with faerie motif (75 gold), painted silk fan with electrum slats (75 gold), silver and glass decanter (75) gold, gold and platinum statuette of the Queen of Air and Darkness (750 gold), 50 gold
-two suits of masterwork breastplate, two cold iron longswords, +1 cold iron dagger

Paid 500 gold

Inheritance of the Fallen House

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