Multiversal Minions


Ignore my spelling

Exiting the Labyrinth in Mechanus, the party found themselves at the edge of a very large cog.  The cog that stretched out before them was forested, but all the trees were growing in rows.  The party of Xaositechs that hired the party called the cog Nemausus.  Nemausus is the third layer of Arcadia, the plane of Perfect Good.  A Lawful good plane, capitalization as intended, and home of lawful good gods.  According to the employers, Nemausus had slid from Arcadia into Mechanus.  This was a well kept secret and the Harmonium seemed to be trying to suppress the information, so it might be bad for one's health to pass around that gossip.  As the party travels, Socrates colours bricks on the road with his cantrips according to the colour and pattern requests of Renza.  

Leaving the party at a sheltered grove, the Xaositechs headed off to do their mission leaving the party in charge of protecting their tunnel building supplies.  The party settled in for the night.  Upon having their turns sleeping, Kirayna, Renza, and Socrates all had peculiar dreams.  Kirayna's focused on 'mongrel races' such as goblinoids being assaulted by demons.  Renza's was a bird's eye view of the cog of Nemausus, viewing hidden mountain temples and several constructed stone fortresses, some of them burned and sacked.  Socrates' was of people of a variety of races being imprisoned and forced to live highly regimented lives at the hands of the Harmonium.  These included daily baths in a diamond communal bath and reeducation about the greater good and the virtues of order.

Kirayna went hunting for food.  While she was looking about, she found signs of a struggle and tracks back to the party's camp.  She managed to beat those tracks back.  Upon return, a pair of demons tripped the perimeter alarms of the camp and then had to introduce themselves.  An Alu-demon, a cambian demon, and several lesser demon minions.  Kirayna named the Alu-demon Shelly, the Cambian demon Drax, and the other demons got no names.  They had been prisoners in a Harmonium re-education camp after being seized by force.  They had been forced to bathe in holy water, injected with holy water, forced to drink holy water.  When Nemausus shifted into Mechanus, Modrons attacked the camp.  In the chaos, the demons escaped.  The party telepathically conferenced by Bob's techniques and agreed to let the demons remain until the party's employers return.  At that point, they could negotiate with the employers as to what to do.

Whilst awaiting the return of the Xaosetects, a platoon of Modrons patrolling the roads found tracks leading into the party's camp and followed them on inside.  A pitched battle between the Modrons and the planar encroachers ensued.  Drax the Cambian was critically wounded but (unfortunately) will pull through barring intervention.



Treasure: 10 Longswords; 9 Heavy Steel Shields; 9 Light Crossbows; 10 packs of bolts; +1 Composite Longbow (2 Str pull); Quiver with 14 arrows; Buckler

Paid 500 gold from completed mission


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