Multiversal Minions

Devilish Diplomacy

Shiny things in trees

The adventurers were hired by an aasimar by the name of Daniel to meet him in Excelsior.  The portal to said location lay within the Transcendent Square within the Lady's Ward.  The gate key required was the oath to renounce a vice made to the gods.  On the way, Renza charmed a 50 year old berk to come with them and declare his vow to renounce a vice of some sort.  Socrates renounced gambling over cards.  The rest of the party jumped through the portal on the heels of these two vows.  

In the realm of Excelsior, the party traveled to the Lord of Light Inn.  There, they met with Daniel.  Daniel invited the party to his rooms in order to confer over the mission.  There, he revealed that the party would be carrying 8 bundles with a total gold value of somewhere between 30 000 and 50 000 gold pieces.  They were an offering to Amaterasu, in order to remind her of a deal made with Asmodeus.  When reminded, Daniel would be given a sacred mirror that revealed the truth of anything reflected in it, hopefully.  He emphasized that security was important as the entire offering must arrive and opponents of Asmodeus from both Good and Evil would be inclined to block it.  At that moment there was a knock upon the door.

On the other side of the door was an amazonian angel woman who introduced her self as Angela, requesting to speak with David.  He approached the door to inquire who it was.  Angela then attempted to cast a spell upon David and received an arrow from Kirayna for her efforts.  Battle ensued.  Imps were conjured within the room while Angela began firing arrows into the room.  The sound of approaching footsteps caused the eyrines to teleport into the room and do closer battle.  In the ensuing melee, the party proved triumphant and Daniel struck down the devil before she could flee.  


Treasure: +1 Baatorian Longsword; +1 Baatorian Flaming Composite Longbow (5 Str); 50’ Silk Rope

Devilish Diplomacy

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