You have the choice of starting as a namer in a faction, meaning you are a full and accepted member, as a hanger-on that espouses a faction’s philosophy but that hasn’t taken the step of becoming a namer yet, or unaffiliated. If you choose to become a namer of a faction, there are usually entrance requirements, and I can tell you what they are on request. As the factions are organizations, they offer other potential perks to members, such as employment while in Sigil or back-up while performing faction business, Below is a list of each faction’s philosophy and pertinent information in brief, as well as the special benefits and limitations a character receives for being a namer of each faction.

Philosophy: The gods are frauds; the unknowable truth lies beyond the veil.
Sigil HQ: Shattered Temple (Lower Ward)
Home Field: Astral (Athar clerics of the Great Unknown draw their spellcasting abilities from this plane
Eligibility: No priests of specific deities
Allies: Believers of the Source
Enemies: None
Namer Traits: Divine Defiance (Su): Belief, and apparently disbelief, are power. Namers of the Athar faction possess a spell resistance score of 10 + character level, but this spell resistance only functions in relation to spells which have involvement with a power, such as Cleric spells or prestige classes which require worship of a specific deity, and spell-like abilities which are granted to the servants of powers. Athar are also immune to some spells (bestow curse, blasphemy, dictum, doom, geas/quest, holy word, and word of chaos) and the effects of sacred, profane, and morale bonuses or penalties which stem from a power (when a power is involved, Athar are neither advantaged nor disadvantaged personally by such bonuses and penalties, and such bonuses and penalties do not apply when used against Athar).
Divine Spite: Because Athar deny the validity of the powers, any PC or NPC who has any connection to a god, demigod, or other divine entity can’t provide known Athar with aid in the form of spells, divinely-sourced effects, or divine magical devices, particularly those of healing. Only the most dire circumstances, or a virtually assured conversion by the Athar, can compel a follower to violate this restriction. ‘Course, no self-respecting Athar would let any toadie of a power touch him, anyway. This restriction does not affect clerics who worship a cause or a non-personified source of divine magic.

Believers of the Source
Philosophy: All life springs from the same divine source, ascending and descending in form as it is tested.
Sigil HQ: Great Foundry (Lower Ward)
Home Field: Ethereal (Believer clerics who worship “the Source” draw their spellcasting abilities from this plane)
Eligibility: Anyone can join
Allies: Athar
Enemies: Bleak Cabal, Dustmen
Namer Traits: Seeing the Best (Ex): Because they believe that all things have potential, Godsmen are generally well-received throughout the planes. They gain a +2 bonus to all Diplomacy checks (or Charisma checks) made to influence the attitude of planar natives.
Cycle of Testing (Ex): Godsmen believe that your outward form in this life reflects your choices in previous lives. As such, Godsmen cannot be resurrected or raised. Whenever you die, you may choose to be reincarnated as per the spell. This reincarnation takes effect ten minutes after you die. You are then reborn in a world where your new race is considered native. The plane this world is in (often prime) becomes your new home plane. Any feats or other abilities dependent on your home plane or race may cease to function as a result of your change in race and home plane.
Lack of Faith (Ex): Believers of classes, including prestige classes, who receive their abilities directly from specific deities suffer a -1 penalty to all saving throws, for a lack of utmost faith in their power.

Bleak Cabal
Philosophy: The multiverse ain’t supposed to make sense; there’s no grand scheme, no deep meaning, no elusive order. The only truth worth finding lies within.
Sigil HQ: The Gatehouse (Hive Ward)
Home Field: Pandemonium (in the Madhouse)
Eligibility: No lawful members
Allies: Doomguard, Dustmen, Revolutionary League, Xaositects
Enemies: Guvners, Harmonium, Mercykillers
Namer Traits: Already Mad (Su): Considered mad by most, devotees of the Bleak Cabal are immune to spells and effects causing confusion, madness, or insanity, including Confusion, Crushing Despair, Feeblemind, Hideous Laughter, Insanity, Irresistible Dance, Rage, and Touch of Idiocy. Additionally, due to their jumbled thought-processes, Bleakers receive a +2 bonus against spells and effects with the mind-affecting descriptor.
Fit of Melancholia (Ex): Bleakers are subject to fits of deep melancholia as they reflect on the pointlessness of life. At the start of each game day, the player rolls 1d20. On a roll of 20, the character is overcome by the futility of his or her own beliefs. The basher won’t do anything unless they are philosophically convinced by another that it’s worthwhile. Note that a monster eating another party member is not sufficient justification. (To the Bleaker, the poor sod’s life or death is pointless anyway.)

Philosophy: Entropy is ecstasy; decay is divine. The multiverse is supposed to fall apart. We’re just here to keep leatherheads from interfering.
Sigil HQ: Armory (The Lady’s Ward)
Home Field: The Negative Quasiplanes (Ash, Dust, Salt, Vacuum)
Eligibility: No one with the abilit to channel positive energy
Allies: Bleak Cabal, Dustmen
Enemies: Guvners, Harmonium
Namer Traits: Weapon Training (Ex): The Doomguard is very militant in organization and outlook. All members are trained to fight with multiple weapons, and are therefore proficient with all simple and martial weapons, and one exotic weapon of their choice. Members already proficient with any of these weapons from other sources additionally gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls with the proficient weapons.
Entropy is Ecstasy (Su): The Doomguard are naturally resistant to healing and curative positive energy effects. For any Conjuration (Healing) spell or effect, or effect which heals via positive energy, to heal a Doomguard they must first fail a Will saving throw (DC 10 + spell level + caster’s ability modifier, or equivalent DC as set by the DM), even if the effect would not normally allow a saving throw. If the save is successful, the healing is negated. The Sinker cannot choose to willingly fail this saving throw.

Philosophy: We’re all dead – some more so than others. We explore our state with patience, purge our passion, and ascend towards the purity of True Death.
Sigil HQ: Mortuary (Hive Ward)
Home Field: Negative Energy Plane
Eligibility: Anyone can join
Allies: Bleak Cabal, Doomguard
Enemies: Sign of One, Society of Sensation
Namer Traits: Dead Truce (Su): The Dustmen have one of the most unique abilities of the factions, embodied in the Dead Truce. This truce is a pact, reached in times more ancient than memory, between the Dustmen and the beings of the undead realm. The effect of the truce is that the undead’ll ignore a Dustman, so long as the Dustman does nothing to harm the undead creature. If the Dustman breaks the pact, the undead and its companions will treat the sod as they would any other living being. This pact applies only to Dustmen. If one of this faction is with other bashers, the undead will react to the rest of the group normally (attacking, for example) while ignoring the Dustman. Should the Dustman aid his companions in any way, those undead are released from the pact.
True Death (Su): The concept of raising and resurrection is counter to the philosophy of the faction, and so it’s not something willingly accepted by most Dustmen. Even if the Dustman is willing, for any such spell or effect (including limited wish, miracle, or wish) to have an effect, a Dustman must first fail a Will saving throw (DC 10 + spell level + caster’s ability modifier). If the save is successful, the effect is negated, and no further attempts can be made to bring the Dustman back from the dead. The Dustman cannot choose to willingly fail this saving throw.

Philosophy: The multiverse belongs to those who seize it. No one’s to blame for a poor sod’s fate but the sorry sod himself.
Sigil HQ: Hall of Records (Clerk’s Ward)
Home Field: Ysgard (in Rowan’s Hall)
Eligibility: No good members
Allies: Free League, Mercykillers (loosely)
Enemies: Harmonium
Namer Traits: Self-Sufficient (Ex): The Fated are great believers in self-sufficiency. They receive two bonus skill points per level, and all skills are considered class skills.
Charity Is for the Weak: Adherents to this philosophy can’t accept or perform charity in any capacity. Everything they receive must be reasonably earned in one fashion or another, and the service must be provided before the payment is given.

Fraternity of Order
Philosophy: Everything has laws; most are dark. Learn the laws of the multiverse and you can rule it.
Sigil HQ: City Court (The Lady’s Ward)
Home Field: Mechanus (in the Fortress of Disciplined Enlightenment)
Eligibility: Members must be lawful
Allies: Harmonium, Mercykillers
Enemies: Revolutionary League, Xaositects
Namer Traits: Examine Pattern(Ex): Guvners are excellent at observing patterns and interactions of all sorts. With one minute of observation, a Guvner can decipher any non-magical language sufficiently to benefit from an effect like that of the spell Comprehend Languages for the language observed only. The Guvner retains an understanding of the observed language for the remainder of the day. Additionally, a Guvner can expend a move action to examine the underlying forces of an interaction in a round, allowing them to quantify the relative forces at play. After witnessing any roll and declaring the expenditure of a move action, the Guvner’s player may ask the DM for any one number associated with the roll, including AC, save bonus, DC, or any other bonuses or penalties.
Adherent of Law: Guvners believe in laws, though the rightness or wrongness of them often makes little difference. A Guvner won’t knowingly break a properly promulgated law, unless he or she can find an acceptable legalistic loophole in the law. If the Guvner does knowingly break a law without exploiting a loophole, they receive a permanent negative level which cannot be removed by any means until they have been tried for the law in a jurisdiction which recognizes the law.

Free League
Philosophy: This ain’t no faction, and nobody tells us what to do. Keep yor options open; nobody’s got the key to the truth.
Sigil HQ: Great Bazaar (Market Ward)
Home Field: Outlands
Eligibility: Anyone can join
Allies: Fated (sometimes)
Enemies: Harmonium
Namer Traits: Free Will (Ex): Being bodies of their own minds, Indeps are a stubborn lot and hard to persuade. This gives them a natural resistance to all charms, whether by spell, creature, or magical items. Indeps gain a +2 bonus to Will saves against enchantment (charm) spells and effects. Against charms that wouldn’t normally allow a saving throw, Indeps make a normal saving throw (without the bonus).
Loose Affiliation: Although Indeps pride themselves on being independent, they do recognize themselves as being part of a loose affiliation and help other Indeps along when they are able. When making purchases in the Great Bazaar, Free Leaguers receive a 10% discount on the cost of items. This discount is meant to help Indeps, however, and shouldn’t be used for a qucik buck or to benefit those outside the Free League.
No Representation: Being independent, the Free League has no factol, and therefore, is not represented in any city business. Indeps have no judge in the courts, nor any seat on the council. Not surprisingly, in Sigil, Indeps have few protected rights.

Philosophy: Peace is our goal. But if it takes a little war to get others to set things right, the Harmonium way, so be it.
Sigil HQ: City Barracks
Home Field: Arcadia
Eligibility: Members must be lawful
Allies: Guvners, Mercykillers
Enemies: Indeps, Revolutionary League, Xaositects
Namer Traits: Harmonious Tactics (Su): The Hardheads are a group used to working with others and well-trained in team tactics. Due to this fact, and the preternatural aura of command which Harmonium members take on due to their extreme confidence in their beliefs, they can make a team work in greater harmony. As long as a Hardhead is working with someone else towards a goal, they may use any teamwork feat they possess as if the other person also possessed it, although only those that actually have the teamwork feat in question receive the stated bonus of it. Additionally, the Hardhead may also work with someone else that possesses a teamwork feat that they do not as if they did possess the feat; if the Hardhead does possess the prerequisites of the teamwork feat in question, then they can also gain the benefit of the feat as if they possessed it.
Mancatcher Proficiency: All hardheads undergo training in the use of Mancatchers and are considered proficient in their use.
Orders: Their rigid beliefs also expose several weaknesses in Harmonium philosophy. Any variance from the orders of a Harmonium superior requires an atonement (spell or effect) on the part of the character before he or she can rejoin the ranks of the faction. Members who “turn stag” – betray the faction – are automatically sentenced to death by the factol. Even refusing to return to the faction’s ranks is considered treasonous.

Philosophy: Justice is everything. When properly applied, punishment leads to perfection.
Sigil HQ: Prison (The Lady’s Ward)
Home Field: Acheron
Eligibility: Members must be lawful
Allies: Harmonium, Guvners
Enemies: Sensates (often), Signers (often), Revolutionary League (often)
Namer Traits: Weighing of the Heart (Ex): The Mercykillers are very good at seeing through lies and rooting out criminals and the guilty. Because of this, they receive a +2 bonus to Sense Motive checks and Sense Motive is always considered a class skill for them.
Hunt the Wicked(Ex): Mercykillers excel at tracking down criminals to mete out punishment, be that returning them to the proper authorities or killing them for their crimes. When actively hunting a known criminal, a Mercykiller receives the benefit of the favoured enemy and favoured terrain bonuses, as per the Ranger class, against the criminal (regardless of species) and any terrain that must be navigated in the pursuit. If the Mercykiller already has a favoured enemy or favoured terrain bonus from another class, these bonuses stack as per normal to increase the bonus.
Justice is Served: Mercykillers consider themselves innocent of crimes when these are committed in the course of punishing a known criminal. Should a Mercykiller commit a crime for any other reason, he or she would be subject to full punishment under the law and expected to report their crime. Furthermore, although a Mercykiller can accept the surrender of an individual (so that person can be properly tried or punished), he can never release a lawbreaker until the proper sentence has been carried out.

Revolutionary League
Philosophy: The status quo is built on lies and greed. Crush the factions. Break ‘em all down and rebuild with what’s left – that’s the only way to find the real truth.
Sigil HQ: Mobile
Home Field: Carceri
Eligibility: No lawful members
Allies: Doomguard, Xaositects (weak tie)
Enemies: Harmonium, Guvners
Namer Traits: Faction Chameleon (Ex): The Anarchists’ power is limited but cunning. They can automatically pose as a member of any other faction without being detected, even through magical means. They don’t gain special abilities that are magic or training related (such as a Xaositect’s babble or a Cipher’s initiative bonus), but they can benefit from abilities related to position or title, including access to the faction’s headquarters.
Power to the People: Anarchists can never hold any public office or noble title, own a business, or take part in anything that would tie them into the power structure of the planes (unless they are actually forwarding the faction’s cause). Fully 50% of all treasure gained by those bashers must be distributed either to the cause or to the oppressed. In no case can it be given to another player character or player-controlled non-player character. Any breaking of this prohibition results in sanctions or ejection from the faction.

Sign of One
Philosophy: The multiverse exists because the mind imagines it. The Signers – it could be any Signer – create the multiverse through the power of thought.
Sigil HQ: Hall of Speakers (Clerk’s Ward)
Home Field: Beastlands
Eligibility: Anyone can join
Allies: Sensates
Enemies: Bleak Cabal (especially), Harmonium
Namer Traits: Figment of My Imagination (Ex): Because they believe all the world is created from within, Signers are hard to fool with illusions of any type. A Signer automatically gets a Will save when confronted by illusionary magic. They are not required to interact with the illusion or study it in order to disbelieve it.
Detached: Perhaps because of their often immense egos, Signers have difficulty understanding the motives and feelings of others. Hence, they suffer a -2 penalty to all Diplomacy checks (or Charisma checks) made to influence nonplayer characters. If the Signer has taken the Leadership feat, they suffer a -2 penalty to their Leadership score.

Society of Sensation
Philosophy: To know the multiverse, experience it fully. The senses form the path to truth, for the multiverse doesn’t exist beyond what can be sensed.
Sigil HQ: Civic Festhall (Clerk’s Ward)
Home Field: Arborea
Eligibility: Anyone can join
Allies: Signers, Indeps (occasionally), Guvners (occasionally)
Enemies: Doomguard, Mercykillers (often), Dustmen (often)
Namer Traits: Enhanced Senses (Ex): Sensates are known for their keen senses. Because of this, they gain darkvision with a 60-foot range. If they already have darkvision, they can choose to double the range of their existing darkvision, or gain one of the following: Low-Light Vision or Scent. Additionally, Sensates gain a +2 bonus to Perception checks.
In the Pursuit of New Experiences: While not to the point of foolhardiness, Sensates are fascinated by new tastes, smells, and so forth. Whenever possible, they’ll seek out new experiences. In practice, they can’t refuse offers that could lead to these – a new wine, an exotic flower, or whatever, without a Will save at a DC of 20 + character level (as Sensates level up, new experiences become rarer and the desire to find them increases). When faced with obvious and deadly peril, Sensates need not roll to resist such temptation.

Transcendent Order
Philosophy: Action without thought is the purest response. Train body and mind to act in harmony, and the spirit will become one with the multiverse.
Sigil HQ: Great Gymnasium (Guildhall Ward)
Home Field: Elysium
Eligibility: Members must be at least partially neutral
Allies: Most factions
Enemies: Harmonium (suspicion)
Namer Traits: Unhesitating (Ex): The training of a Cipher stresses quick and unhesitating action. Thus, all Ciphers gain a +2 bonus to their initiative rolls and the minimum they can receive from any initiative roll is their initiative bonus (this means that if a Cipher has a +4 initiative bonus, any roll of less than a 4 becomes a 4 before their bonus is added).
Action Without Thought: Because Ciphers act unhesitatingly, they suffer a unique restriction: In play, as soon as an action is stated for a Cipher player character, that cutter is committed to it. The player can’t say, “Oh, wait, I changed my mind!” Bashers who pause to consider or debate pending actions are failing to adhere to the philosophy and the DM may apply fitting penalties.

Philosophy: Chaos is truth, order delusion. Embracing the randomness of the multiverse, one learns its secrets.
Sigil HQ: Hive (Hive Ward)
Home Field: Limbo
Eligibility: Members must be chaotic
Allies: Doomguard, Bleakers
Enemies: Harmonium, Guvners
Namer Traits: Scramblespeak: All Xaositects gain Scramblespeak as a bonus language upon joining the faction. Scramblespeak is a secret language (like Druidic) which is employed by using the words of another language in an atypical way, changing their order. Although others may think they know what a user of Scramblespeak is saying, there are always nuances which non-Scramblespeakers lose. If a speaker of the language which the Scramblespeaker is using the words of does not know of the existence of Scramblespeak, they may just assume the speaker is barmy and not even realize they are passing messages to other Xaositects. Scramblespeak is difficult to understand or gain as a language, even temporarily: any permanent learner must be chaotically-aligned (and cannot employ it if they become non-chaotically-algined, even Chaosmen) and manage to learn it despite its secret language status; additionally, any effect which imparts temporary knowledge of Scramblespeak calls for a DC 15 Wisdom check and the subsequent adding of the [Chaotic] descriptor to the effect.
Know Chaos: Due to the commitment of the Chaosmen to Chaos, they have some insight into its inner workings. A Xaositect may contemplate the force of Chaos in order to discover if an object which is not in their possession has been lost, meaning the force of Chaos has acted upon it to bring it to where it is now, or if the object came to be wherever it is through deliberate action. If an object has indeed been lost, and not deliberately placed, the Xaositect may make a Wisdom check (with the DC secretly set by the DM) in order to discover where the lost object is. Success on the roll gives a precise location, whereas failure gives some idea which becomes less specific depending upon the margin of failure. A Xaositect cannot use this ability upon an object after they have already done so, unless the object has since been moved again.
Chaotic Aura: The Chaosmen are utterly committed to the power of Chaos. As such, they possess an aura of chaos like a cleric of their character level and this aura cannot be reduced or hidden by any means, even through the use of magical spells which would normally do so. However, if an effect would normally give a Xaositect a new aura, such as a lawful aura, then the Xaositect would possess both a chaotic and a lawful order when observed.


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