Multiversal Minions

Authorized Villiany
It wasn't kittens in the box

went to the hall of records, researched signet ring and found it was the sigil of an imperial house, house Salee, of the prime material world of Euphony, from roughly 30 000 years ago.  Records are from an abyssal source, that house associated with Kiranselie the drow demigoddess.  Demon was a servant of Orcus.

kept the unworked stones, the scroll of lightning bolt, the signet ring, and spell component barrels

sold the rest

Heidi stays at the Orange Lantern Inn on Arboria Way in the Clerk's Ward

John and James are staying in the Hive in the ruins of a burnt out church in the Alley of Dangerous Angles in the Hive

263 gp for sales + pay for last mission

Hired by Xaosetechs to carry item through underworks of city, bring it to a gate town, push some hand carts for them

Go through potal at mechanist's shop to gate town

Undercity of gatetown, went past a dart trap, a collapsing bridge, a fear pool, then 9 orcs

Killed 7, brutal fight, 2 allowed to leave, the orcs declaring us dead to their bosses



A Negative Experience
Temporary Notes and pickles incase Heidi is unable to recover the notes I may have destroyed

The group has received a mission from <insert name here> to join a group of Pirate spacejammers (the Black Company – Not a spacefaring metal band) to find and secure a portal out of Gnibile.

-The group was selected because we have one good singer (Kirayna) and the black company required a third singer to open the portal.

-Socrates did investigating on Gnibile and the exit portal, as well as did testing to see if could trick the portal into opening (To no success).

-The Black Company warded the group against negative energy then traveled with them to Gnibile on Shadow Horses. The group had a subsequent argument on the practicality of riding illusions.

-The party arrived on the island where the portal is believed to be, and the Black Company departed to their adventuring destination.  They found several magic items before finding a trap door where a fight ensued With a Gaseous Maw thing, a group of flesh zombies, a Skeleton thing and a different group of skeletons)

-Renza got entranced by the Maw, Bob broke her out and she killed a skeleton. Deg never hit anything with his crossbow. Bob hit a zombie with Deg's crossbow. Kirayna murdered just about everything at range with her bow. Socrates traded blows with and defeated the Maw thing, but took some Wisdom damage in the exchange.

- Socrates and Bob took further Wisdom damage from the winds on the plane, and it drove Socrates mad, believing that a horde of enemies were pursuing the group.

- They entered the trap door which led down a long and dark staircase. Renza successfully disabled a trap at the bottom of the stairs, Deg almost tripped but was caught by Bob. After the stairs the group entered some storerooms and found more stuff, and followed the rooms to a cavern that led them to a much larger room.

-The centre of this room was encircled by barrels stacked on each other with a soft glow and screams coming from within. There were ghouls around the room with whistles that they periodically used when the entity in the centre of the room wailed. While the group was planning Socrates in his madness started a fight. Deg cast a spell, missed more stuff with his crossbow and hid. Bob and Renza teamed up to tear down two ghouls. Kirayna murdered ghouls with her bow and shattered a whistle in a Ghoul's hand with an expert shot, and Socrates helped finish off a ghoul. 

-In the centre of the barrels there was a poltergeist which was keeping the ghouls pinned down and was now becoming more awake and destructive. Bob investigated and after the group used the whistles (after wiping down the ghoul spit as inspired by Bob) to keep her and her barrel throwing at bay. The group put her bones back together to put the poltergeist back to rest. Afterwards the party searched the remaining area (and above) to find more loot.

The party had met up with the Black Company (who was safe, because they had a witch) in time and safely returned back home.

Loot (and Value):

Electrum censer with silver filigree depicting three elven women and an elven man around the cardinal directions; the figures are Aerdrie Faenya, Sehanine, Corellon, and another female elf (70 gp)

Elaborate silver wind chimes depicting avariel (60 gp)

Silver hair net adorned with black pearls and enchanted to keep hair immaculate (500 gp)

Gold statue of a dragon (110 gp)

Golden ring with a signet of a jeweled wand encircled by a crown and enchanted to produce an Arcane Mark of the symbol upon mental command (200 gp)

Arcane scroll of Lightning Bolt, CL 5 (375 gp)

Lapis Lazuli (11 gp)

Unworked Turquoise (3/7 gp)

Unworked Rose Quartz (27/55 gp)

Unworked Alabaster (4/9 gp)

Unworked Malachite (5/10)

Powdered Diamond (200 gp)

Assorted Spell Components (50 gp)


500 gold pieces for completed job

860 XP each

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