Multiversal Minions

Politics of Waterworld

With less drinking of pee

Following the party with the aquatic elves, the party returns back to the Plane of Shadow through the portal they entered with.  They divert towards the portal to the plane of water and transition there.  


[750 gp] gold and platinum statuette of a deity (Orcus)
[600 gp] mithral scepter with gold inlay
[400 gp] engraved mithral scarab
[500 gp] gold chess set
[550 gp] gold cup with royal crest
[300 gp] marble idol
[300 gp] marble idol
[60 gp] ivory drinking horn with copper ends
[200 gp] gold candelabra with holy symbol
[50 gp] silver chess set

Instant Fortress (Orcus-themed)

Politics of Waterworld

Centaur Treasure
0 pp, 30 gp, 261 sp, 90 cp
[1,200 gp] platinum scepter with gold inlay
[1,100 gp] decorated platinum plate
[1,000 gp] platinum holy symbol (The Morrigan) of a famous priest
[11 gp] pyrite
[10 gp] unworked obsidian (worth 5 gp; Craft (jewelry) DC 10 to repair)
[35 gp] ivory
[110 gp] deep blue spinel
[50 gp] potion/oil of magic fang (CL 1)
[25 gp] potion/oil of guidance (CL 1)

Politics of Waterworld

0 pp, 16 gp, 130 sp, 0 cp
[159 gp] masterwork light steel shield
[250 gp] masterwork chain shirt
[10 gp] pyrite
[12 gp] agate
[10 gp] agate
[300 gp] masterwork sling
[305 gp] masterwork greatclub
[800 gp] Silver crown set with a large obsidian and two small rubies
[1000 gp] Platinum holy symbol (Queen of Air and Darkness) of a famous priest
[600 gp] Silver tiara with a set of jade stones
[50 gp] Gold pendant
[40 gp] Gold ring with a ruby
[30 gp] Silver signet ring

Politics of Waterworld

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