Multiversal Minions

Authorized Villiany

It wasn't kittens in the box

went to the hall of records, researched signet ring and found it was the sigil of an imperial house, house Salee, of the prime material world of Euphony, from roughly 30 000 years ago.  Records are from an abyssal source, that house associated with Kiranselie the drow demigoddess.  Demon was a servant of Orcus.

kept the unworked stones, the scroll of lightning bolt, the signet ring, and spell component barrels

sold the rest

Heidi stays at the Orange Lantern Inn on Arboria Way in the Clerk's Ward

John and James are staying in the Hive in the ruins of a burnt out church in the Alley of Dangerous Angles in the Hive

263 gp for sales + pay for last mission

Hired by Xaosetechs to carry item through underworks of city, bring it to a gate town, push some hand carts for them

Go through potal at mechanist's shop to gate town

Undercity of gatetown, went past a dart trap, a collapsing bridge, a fear pool, then 9 orcs

Killed 7, brutal fight, 2 allowed to leave, the orcs declaring us dead to their bosses




Treasure: 106 gp, 534 sp, 2620 cp; Agate (11 gp), Lapis Lazuli (9 gp), Malachite (9 gp), Obsidian (12 gp); Masterwork Breastplate (350 gp), Masterwork Dagger (302 gp); Potion of Endure Elements (cr, 50 gp), Potion of Enlarge Person (cr, 50 gp), Potion of Protection from Good (cr, 50 gp), Potion of Resistance (cr, 25 gp), Potion of Stabilize (cr, 25 gp), Scroll of Burning Hands (cr, 25 gp); 7 Falchions

Authorized Villiany

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