Multiversal Minions

Carnival of Pazuzu
A plague-mortem of a rivalry

Presenting the feather of a low level demon and bathing it in the blood of Kirayna, the party proceeded into the city of Plague-Mort.  Each wore a mask that revealed an aspect of their being, as per the traditions.  Kirayna herself wore a mask of a shadow demon, signalling her heritage.  Kjell wore a mask of a skull, signaling his recent death.  Shelly wore a mask of (insert mask here).  Renza's mask was transparent, showing her penchant for becoming unseen.  Socrates' mask was that of a Soul Eater, representing a facet of his magic that he did not advertise.  

Upon arriving in Plague-Mort, the city was a bustle of activity.  Masked people were everywhere.  The marketplace was hopping.  Socrates did some weapon shopping  and used the opportunity to inquire as to the local laws at the present moment, since the Arch-Lector could and would simply declare them at a whim, and none were otherwise universally in place.  Aside from assault upon the Arch-Lector or assaulting the center of their power, all seemed to be legal.  

While around town, the party paid visit to the temple of the Morrigan.  It was a modest affair with a priest tending the shrine.  Kirayna found out that the priest was regularly posted to Plague-Mort, but did occasionally get relieved to allow him to get out of the stinking cesspool.

The next stop was a small combined temple to the elven gods.  In particular, a shrine to Shevarash.  Before entering, Renza noticed a tiefling child spying upon the temple.  Using her stealth skills, she nimbly moved into a striking position.  Leaping down from the roof over the alley, she landed on light feet, blade in hand, ready to strike…. and the child turned around.  Renza greeted him with a smile and said hi.  She sussed out that the child was hired by the 'pretty elf lady' to watch the shrine.  The party realized this was the elven enchantress they had met previously.  Communing through the child, the enchantress had two messages for the party.  One, she was in position to assassinate Duvainal at their whim.  Two, Duvainal does indeed do anal.  Both objectives complete, the party gave the go ahead for the enchantress to kill Dovainal.  

Heading next to the Eye of the Dragon Inn, all were surprised to encounter the three hags once again.  The three were at first leery to see the Multiversal minions, fearing that an assassination contract had been put out on them.  Once the worry was dismissed, a pleasant conversation was had.  The three revealed that their patron, Kiaransalee, had slain Orcus and her clergy were making every effort to eradicate the God's followers and icons.  Their assassination of the necromancer where the party inherited their Instant Fortress was done as part of that quest.  Kirayna inquired what the witches believed would happen to witches of Orcus, as she was thinking back to a warlock of the Queen of Air and Darkness the party had encountered.  The hags theory matched the warlock's experience.  That his familiar was unable to retrieve spells from his patron.  The hags also had heard of the Queen of Air and Darkness' minions stirring up trouble, and seemed mildly perturbed at the notion.  This suggests they are unrelated incidents.  The three excused themselves and headed to bed while the party went to meet their own contact.

Entering a reserved dining room, the party encountered a waiting succubus.  The succubus revealed herself to be the person to be escorted.  She had been hired by the celestial Daniel to introduce a criminal element to Fortitude, granting the city the fortitude to resist the pull of Celestia.  They arranged for the succubus to wait in the Inn for the weapon delivery to be completed.  Once outside the room, Shelly revealed that the succubus in question was her mother.  Shelly headed back inside to catch up.  The party lingered long enough to ensure no duels to the death occurred, then left town to set up their tower and retrieve the weapon.

Unfortunatley, some Hounds of the Arch-Lector have followed the party, and have decided that it was illegal for the party to leave town on account of being interesting.  It's time for the party to fork over their GP or their HP, next time on Multiversal Minions.

Politics of Waterworld
With less drinking of pee

Following the party with the aquatic elves, the party returns back to the Plane of Shadow through the portal they entered with.  They divert towards the portal to the plane of water and transition there.  

I'm climbing the thing!

With the battle over, the adventurers noticed a glint from above.  Renza climbed up the wall to find a ledge covered in disgusting spittle.  Amongst the spittle was a collection of treasure.   Various coins, scrolls, wands, and gems made up the small horde.  Packing away all the goods on the frogs, the party pressed onwards.  

The party came across a series of trap triggers in a cave.  The first lacked a trap attached to be triggered by it.  The second triggered a deadfall trap that had nothing in it to drop.  Beyond the two triggers, Renza discovered a secret tunnel.  The tunnel led to a guard post above the group's route, including another secret door that lead to the 'loading room' of the deadfall trap.  Kirayna made cunning use of it to startle Socrates and Shelly, to Renza's delight.

Advancing further, the party came across an open cave surrounding a pool of water, the portal to the realm of the Aquatic Elves.  Inside the cave was a pair of aquatic elves, seemingly singing for the pleasure of a dragon.  Renza briefly tried to negotiate with the dragon, but the dragon's offer to add the party to it's collection of people caused Socrates and Kirayna to attack.  They struck with fire and fury, attacking it with more power than it had ever seen before.  The dragon fled into the water of the cave.  After preparing with some spells, the party gave chase.  Following through a portal, they pursued the wounded beast into the elemental plane of salt.  Ignoring the warnings of the wyrm, the party moved in and slew the dragon.

Lions and Arrowhawks and Sharks, oh my!

Passing through the portal, the adventurers find themselves emerging from a pond on the edge of a mountain.  A sweeping landscape is before them.  Doing some scouting, the party decides that taking a trip though the plains, then the forest, then to the river, will provide them the fastest route.  Once at the river, the giant dire frogs the party would help their pace considerably.  They head down the mountainside and as they do, a rainstorm sweeps in.  

Part way down the mountainside, Socrates' frog ends up snapping a rope rigged over the path.  It was meant to trigger a swinging log trap, but was not designed to work against a being of the frog's stature.  

As the party reached the plains, they discovered a series of 5 eggs floating in the air.  They were swept upon by a pair of arrowhawks.  Renza persuaded one of them to flee and protect the eggs while Kirayna and Socrates shot down the other, then the party withdrew.

Continuing on their journey, the party reached the river and swam along.  They transitioned from first layer, Krigala, to the second layer, Brux.  Day turned to dusk with the transition.  The party made a camp for the night.  During the evening, Renza overheard some singing in the night.  Popular opinion in the morning was that it was a Seelie Court walking around and singing, they tend to do that a lot.

The next day's travel was interrupted by a sudden downheval of sod.  After a moment of panicked frog riding, the frogs managed to avoid falling into the suddenly appearing pit.  Kirayna was able to detect a few lions lurking to see if someone had fallen in, but slinked off.  Renza wandered down into the pit by popular demand to retrieve treasures off of the bodies of the pit's previous victims.

Next Session

Between adventures, Socrates picked up a smithing hammer and got to work.  He liquidated a +1 Composite Longbow (Strength 2 pull) to acquire the mithril required for him to forge a mithril breastplate and a mithril chain shirt.  One for himself, one for Shelly.

The party's fixer, Gregor, told the party that someone was looking to hire them.  A fair amount of secrecy was desired.  Lialla, the lillend, wanted to meet the party at the Lady's Inn, in the Lady's Ward.  In a private room, they met her and she offered an explanation that she was working on behalf of another.  She was working on behalf of the Shark Lord.  The Shark Lord had agreed to help a group of aquatic elves.  


OOC Treasure Accounting : 
Renza purchased a +1 cold iron dagger from the treasure
Socrates purchased a +1 Longsword from treasure
1750 gold was spent purchasing mithril for breastplates

Devilish Diplomacy
Shiny things in trees

The adventurers were hired by an aasimar by the name of Daniel to meet him in Excelsior.  The portal to said location lay within the Transcendent Square within the Lady's Ward.  The gate key required was the oath to renounce a vice made to the gods.  On the way, Renza charmed a 50 year old berk to come with them and declare his vow to renounce a vice of some sort.  Socrates renounced gambling over cards.  The rest of the party jumped through the portal on the heels of these two vows.  

In the realm of Excelsior, the party traveled to the Lord of Light Inn.  There, they met with Daniel.  Daniel invited the party to his rooms in order to confer over the mission.  There, he revealed that the party would be carrying 8 bundles with a total gold value of somewhere between 30 000 and 50 000 gold pieces.  They were an offering to Amaterasu, in order to remind her of a deal made with Asmodeus.  When reminded, Daniel would be given a sacred mirror that revealed the truth of anything reflected in it, hopefully.  He emphasized that security was important as the entire offering must arrive and opponents of Asmodeus from both Good and Evil would be inclined to block it.  At that moment there was a knock upon the door.

On the other side of the door was an amazonian angel woman who introduced her self as Angela, requesting to speak with David.  He approached the door to inquire who it was.  Angela then attempted to cast a spell upon David and received an arrow from Kirayna for her efforts.  Battle ensued.  Imps were conjured within the room while Angela began firing arrows into the room.  The sound of approaching footsteps caused the eyrines to teleport into the room and do closer battle.  In the ensuing melee, the party proved triumphant and Daniel struck down the devil before she could flee.  

Inheritance of the Fallen House
But... but they are choosing slavery!

According to plan, the party bursts out of the rooms of the drow household and launches an assault upon three powerful drow spellcasters.  With the assistance of a snowball from below, the adventurers lay waste to the three drow and capture the household.  Bob is rendered blind during the battle and several drow land with a juicy splat.  

Once the household is destroyed, the party consulted with the three witch employers about the fate of anything regarding the house.  All symbols of this fallen house were expunged.  The house was looted of all valuables.  In addition, a collection of household servants that weren't needing to be killed were located.  Socrates informed the group of the fate of their owners, and they wailed their lives were over.  He told them that they could make something of themselves, but if they were truly despaired, they may use the knife he presented to end themselves.  One of them did so.  Following that, Socrates reminded the rest of them that other drow cities existed and they could find employment with other drow.  This brainwave caused three of them to decide to find a way to the other drow.  One of them became the personal valet of Kirayna.  One of them pledged to become the slave of Socrates.  

Upon returning to Sigil, the party found themselves in the midst of bedlam.  The headquarters of the Bleak Cabal was featuring a jailbreak of a former Factol.  He was randomly inflicting confusion upon people through the crowd and general pandemonium.  The party moved to see what was going on, and then Kirayna intercepted the escaping Factol, allowing the Cabal to recapture them.  

Since that, the party resettled back into life in the Cage.  (To Be Named Valet) has moved into Kirayna's room and lives in a curtained off area there.  (To Be Named Flat Chested Slave Woman) has been assigned a former storage room in the burned church and is receiving training with Bob regarding community and stick fighting.

Ignore my spelling

Exiting the Labyrinth in Mechanus, the party found themselves at the edge of a very large cog.  The cog that stretched out before them was forested, but all the trees were growing in rows.  The party of Xaositechs that hired the party called the cog Nemausus.  Nemausus is the third layer of Arcadia, the plane of Perfect Good.  A Lawful good plane, capitalization as intended, and home of lawful good gods.  According to the employers, Nemausus had slid from Arcadia into Mechanus.  This was a well kept secret and the Harmonium seemed to be trying to suppress the information, so it might be bad for one's health to pass around that gossip.  As the party travels, Socrates colours bricks on the road with his cantrips according to the colour and pattern requests of Renza.  

Leaving the party at a sheltered grove, the Xaositechs headed off to do their mission leaving the party in charge of protecting their tunnel building supplies.  The party settled in for the night.  Upon having their turns sleeping, Kirayna, Renza, and Socrates all had peculiar dreams.  Kirayna's focused on 'mongrel races' such as goblinoids being assaulted by demons.  Renza's was a bird's eye view of the cog of Nemausus, viewing hidden mountain temples and several constructed stone fortresses, some of them burned and sacked.  Socrates' was of people of a variety of races being imprisoned and forced to live highly regimented lives at the hands of the Harmonium.  These included daily baths in a diamond communal bath and reeducation about the greater good and the virtues of order.

Kirayna went hunting for food.  While she was looking about, she found signs of a struggle and tracks back to the party's camp.  She managed to beat those tracks back.  Upon return, a pair of demons tripped the perimeter alarms of the camp and then had to introduce themselves.  An Alu-demon, a cambian demon, and several lesser demon minions.  Kirayna named the Alu-demon Shelly, the Cambian demon Drax, and the other demons got no names.  They had been prisoners in a Harmonium re-education camp after being seized by force.  They had been forced to bathe in holy water, injected with holy water, forced to drink holy water.  When Nemausus shifted into Mechanus, Modrons attacked the camp.  In the chaos, the demons escaped.  The party telepathically conferenced by Bob's techniques and agreed to let the demons remain until the party's employers return.  At that point, they could negotiate with the employers as to what to do.

Whilst awaiting the return of the Xaosetects, a platoon of Modrons patrolling the roads found tracks leading into the party's camp and followed them on inside.  A pitched battle between the Modrons and the planar encroachers ensued.  Drax the Cambian was critically wounded but (unfortunately) will pull through barring intervention.


Authorized Villiany
It wasn't kittens in the box

went to the hall of records, researched signet ring and found it was the sigil of an imperial house, house Salee, of the prime material world of Euphony, from roughly 30 000 years ago.  Records are from an abyssal source, that house associated with Kiranselie the drow demigoddess.  Demon was a servant of Orcus.

kept the unworked stones, the scroll of lightning bolt, the signet ring, and spell component barrels

sold the rest

Heidi stays at the Orange Lantern Inn on Arboria Way in the Clerk's Ward

John and James are staying in the Hive in the ruins of a burnt out church in the Alley of Dangerous Angles in the Hive

263 gp for sales + pay for last mission

Hired by Xaosetechs to carry item through underworks of city, bring it to a gate town, push some hand carts for them

Go through potal at mechanist's shop to gate town

Undercity of gatetown, went past a dart trap, a collapsing bridge, a fear pool, then 9 orcs

Killed 7, brutal fight, 2 allowed to leave, the orcs declaring us dead to their bosses



A Negative Experience
Temporary Notes and pickles incase Heidi is unable to recover the notes I may have destroyed

The group has received a mission from <insert name here> to join a group of Pirate spacejammers (the Black Company – Not a spacefaring metal band) to find and secure a portal out of Gnibile.

-The group was selected because we have one good singer (Kirayna) and the black company required a third singer to open the portal.

-Socrates did investigating on Gnibile and the exit portal, as well as did testing to see if could trick the portal into opening (To no success).

-The Black Company warded the group against negative energy then traveled with them to Gnibile on Shadow Horses. The group had a subsequent argument on the practicality of riding illusions.

-The party arrived on the island where the portal is believed to be, and the Black Company departed to their adventuring destination.  They found several magic items before finding a trap door where a fight ensued With a Gaseous Maw thing, a group of flesh zombies, a Skeleton thing and a different group of skeletons)

-Renza got entranced by the Maw, Bob broke her out and she killed a skeleton. Deg never hit anything with his crossbow. Bob hit a zombie with Deg's crossbow. Kirayna murdered just about everything at range with her bow. Socrates traded blows with and defeated the Maw thing, but took some Wisdom damage in the exchange.

- Socrates and Bob took further Wisdom damage from the winds on the plane, and it drove Socrates mad, believing that a horde of enemies were pursuing the group.

- They entered the trap door which led down a long and dark staircase. Renza successfully disabled a trap at the bottom of the stairs, Deg almost tripped but was caught by Bob. After the stairs the group entered some storerooms and found more stuff, and followed the rooms to a cavern that led them to a much larger room.

-The centre of this room was encircled by barrels stacked on each other with a soft glow and screams coming from within. There were ghouls around the room with whistles that they periodically used when the entity in the centre of the room wailed. While the group was planning Socrates in his madness started a fight. Deg cast a spell, missed more stuff with his crossbow and hid. Bob and Renza teamed up to tear down two ghouls. Kirayna murdered ghouls with her bow and shattered a whistle in a Ghoul's hand with an expert shot, and Socrates helped finish off a ghoul. 

-In the centre of the barrels there was a poltergeist which was keeping the ghouls pinned down and was now becoming more awake and destructive. Bob investigated and after the group used the whistles (after wiping down the ghoul spit as inspired by Bob) to keep her and her barrel throwing at bay. The group put her bones back together to put the poltergeist back to rest. Afterwards the party searched the remaining area (and above) to find more loot.

The party had met up with the Black Company (who was safe, because they had a witch) in time and safely returned back home.

Loot (and Value):

Electrum censer with silver filigree depicting three elven women and an elven man around the cardinal directions; the figures are Aerdrie Faenya, Sehanine, Corellon, and another female elf (70 gp)

Elaborate silver wind chimes depicting avariel (60 gp)

Silver hair net adorned with black pearls and enchanted to keep hair immaculate (500 gp)

Gold statue of a dragon (110 gp)

Golden ring with a signet of a jeweled wand encircled by a crown and enchanted to produce an Arcane Mark of the symbol upon mental command (200 gp)

Arcane scroll of Lightning Bolt, CL 5 (375 gp)

Lapis Lazuli (11 gp)

Unworked Turquoise (3/7 gp)

Unworked Rose Quartz (27/55 gp)

Unworked Alabaster (4/9 gp)

Unworked Malachite (5/10)

Powdered Diamond (200 gp)

Assorted Spell Components (50 gp)


500 gold pieces for completed job

860 XP each


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